About BLAC Memphis

About BLAC Memphis

Discover a World of Black Excellence with BLAC®

For over two decades, BLAC® has been the leading voice celebrating and nurturing Black lives, culture, and excellence. As a lifestyle brand and multimedia company, we strive to bring the most engaging, informative, and transformative stories that don’t always see the light of day to our audience. With a commitment to inclusivity and representation, we provide a platform for all voices within the Black community.

At BLAC®, we pride ourselves on fostering conversations that are the catalyst for change. We’ve made it our mission to bring Black Life, Arts, and Culture to affluent markets in cities such as Detroit, Memphis, Chicago, and in 2023, Houston.

Our flagship publication, BLAC® Magazine – Black Life, Arts & Culture, is a monthly print magazine that offers in-depth features, resonating with our readers and sparking meaningful dialogue. Through compelling stories and thought-provoking content, we continuously strive to drive conversations and create a lasting impact.

The journey of BLAC® began in 1999 as African American Parent, a magazine dedicated to celebrating and supporting Black families. Over the years, we evolved and expanded our focus, changing our name to African American Family. In our 10th anniversary year, we embraced the name BLAC (Black Life, Arts & Culture) as it perfectly encapsulates our content and mission.

Join us as we continue our legacy of celebrating Black excellence and shining a light on the diverse and brilliant voices that make up the Black community. With BLAC®, you will not only discover the richness of our culture, but also become an integral part of a movement that champions change and uplifts our community.

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BLAC® Headquarters is located at:
1420 Washington Blvd
Suite 301
Detroit, MI 48226

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