David Jamison II

David Jamison II aka

The Dope Educator

David Jamison II aka The Dope Educator

David Jamison II, known as The Dope Educator, is an educator, speaker, activist in the community, and a member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Incorporated. Despite being misunderstood in his early childhood and constantly suspended from school for misbehavior, he always knew his purpose in life was to inspire people.

After high school, Jamison went to college and graduated from Tougaloo College with a BS in English. Upon graduation, he had success in various fields including labor coordinator, assistant manager, and actor/model but never felt aligned to his purpose. One day, a fraternity brother and hometown friend asked him the critical question, “Do you still have a passion for teaching?” That single conversation ended with a job offer and Jamison heading into the classroom. 

To make his classroom unique, Jamison decided to include a customized greeting and encouraged each of his students to devise a special handshake that he would greet them with each day. Understanding that the foundation to any lesson is through love and human interaction, he is inspiring the next generation of male educators across the world. For his second year in the classroom, he decided to record the handshakes and the video went viral across all social media platforms. 

Subsequently, he has been on many local and national news stations including Access Hollywood, Today Show, NBC Nightly News, ABC News Tonight, Forbes Magazine, People Magazine, Good Morning America, and has many more amazing opportunities in the works. Jamison recently landed a national & international commercial with the clothing line GAP, with a billboard on Times Square in New York City featuring him and his students. He uses this newfound platform to encourage current and future educators, helping them realize they are the ones who are molding our future doctors, lawyers, and presidents. As a speaker, he uses the catchphrase, “The foundation to every lesson is loving and belonging” to inspire people on the importance of establishing long lasting relationships. But his most powerful message is not actually for other educators, it’s for parents – never give up on your children, you never know who they will turn out to be.