The National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, Tennessee, is marrying past, present, and future in an informative and equally entertaining way. The museum is known for its immersive exhibits, but starting February 3, 2024, it’s adding another form of expression to its repertoire. They will be hosting the ‘Live at the Lorraine’ music series, an initiative aimed at exploring the role of arts, particularly music, in the Civil Rights Movement.

Cultural Unifiers: The Power of Sound and Vision

The central theme of the lineup springs from the museum’s belief in the power of arts and culture to bring people together. Music played an instrumental role in the Civil Rights Movement, and the museum intends to honor this heritage with quarterly concerts. These concerts aren’t bound by genre and are a tribute to the rich cultural tapestry that is Memphis and its civil rights legacy.

Stage Lights on: Artists’ Showcase

The series kicks off with J. Buck, whose idiosyncratic stage presence and captivating performances echo the creative vigor of the movement. Local favorite Karen Brown, with her soulful stylings grounded in her church choir roots and R&B inspirations, graces the stage in April. Then, Stephanie Bolton, a world-travelled performer, will serenade the audience in June, a fitting gesture towards Black Music Month. To wrap up the series, Tonya Dyson, a diverse performer and musical arts advocate, provides the finale performance in August.

Each concert brings not only music but a layered experience of arts, including live painting, spoken word, or comedy, enhanced with gourmet appetizers and an open bar.

Tickets to Time Travel

Tickets to this time-warping journey of culture and history are expected to move quickly. Concert-goers can choose between purchasing a series bundle or individual concert tickets. The music series beckons you to experience a full palette of cultural expression held beneath the roof of this monumental museum.


Echoes from the Past, Resounding in the Present

In addition to emphasizing the strong ties between civil rights heritage and music, the ‘Live at the Lorraine’ music series provides a platform to contemporary artists who continue to contribute to the movement’s legacy. The National Civil Rights Museum beckons families, history buffs, music enthusiasts, and the artistically inclined to be a part of this unique showcasing of heritage and musical expression.

Feb. 3, 2024 | Apr. 6, 2023 | June 1, 2024 | Aug. 3, 2024 Doors Open at 7:00PM

National Civil Rights Museum • Ford Theater

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