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Brenae Inge

Poignant + Prolific: Torri Shaaron a multifaceted artist

Torri Shaaron is a multifaceted woman and visual artist who deems herself a creator of many sorts. Clever in spirit and poignant with stencil and brush, Shaaron has crafted...

Found Not Guilty, Really? Social Media Uproar about Kyle Rittenhouse’s Verdict

Unfortunately, the America we live in and our judicial system continuously are finding white men innocent for crimes, we know Black men and women, wouldn’t even see a day...

Will There Ever Be a Black James Bond? Should There Be?

No super spy is more renowned than the iconic James Bond. He’s debonaire, witty, charismatic, and has a license to kill. Historically, the character has been portrayed by white...

Jovita Moore: Life, Legacy, Remembrance

Award-winning journalist, Jovita Moore, lost her battle with brain cancer last week. She was only 53 years old. Moore wasn’t just an anchor, but a role model for those...

Halloween 2021: 7 Horror Movies Made by Black Folks to Stream this Weekend

It’s spooky season! Is there any other classic way to celebrate Halloween than curling up and watching scary movies? You can enjoy your fright night AND support black artists. Besides...

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