5 Black-Owned Spots With the Best Wings in Memphis

We’ve rounded up a few of the best places to get your wings fix around Memphis.

Perfectly crisp, and flavorfully explosive: those are the two key ingredients of the perfect wings. It must be fried to perfection and the sauce that’ll coat the tender white meat must be tasty. When these two things are perfected, a bite can transport you to heights of elation and pure gastronomic pleasure that are hard to describe. So we’ve rounded up a few of the best places to get your wings fix around Memphis.

1. The Wing Guru

Billy Richmond, Jr., owner of The Wing Guru and Memphis Tigers basketball player, claims that he has been perfecting the art of creating the perfect hot wings since he was nine. With that level of prodigy, you can only expect the best from every bite. Take your tongue on a ride from the mildly spicy lemon pepper flavor or, if the heat doesn’t bother you, go all the way up to the “Guru Gold Hot Cajun” wings.

Location: 3237 Summer Ave., Memphis, Tennessee 38112


  • Sundays to Thursdays, 10:30 a.m.–8 p.m.
  • Fridays and Saturdays, 10:30 a.m.–9 p.m.

2. Crumpy’s Hot Wings

Take on a challenge of a lifetime with Crumpy’s Hot Wings “Suicide Wing Challenge,” and be one of the bravest souls to ever dare take a bite off one of the hottest wings. If you’re not in the mood of challenging the forces that be with a challenge that sounds ominous, then you’re in for a leisurely treat with one of the wings in the city.

Location: 6250 E. Shelby Dr. Memphis, TN 38141


  • Tuesdays to Saturdays, 1–9 p.m.
  • Sundays, 1–6 p.m.

3. D’bo’s Daiquiris

What’s perfect to go with wings? For this place, it’s daiquiris. The place has six flavors of this frozen delight, and you can mix and match them yourself if you’re feeling adventurous. Of course, that’s only secondary to the best part. D’bo’s Daiquiris owners David Sr. and Leticia Boyd have been perfecting their own signature recipe since 1988 where the two “played it by tongue” in their pursuit of “a sauce that would ‘dance on the taste buds,’” the couple writes on their website. Such dedication to perfection reflects on every plate of wings they serve.


  • 7050 Malco Crossing Ste. 106, Memphis, Tennessee 38125
  • 4407 Elvis Presley, Memphis, Tennessee 38116


  • Mondays to Saturdays, 11 a.m.–10 p.m.
  • Sundays, 12–6 p.m.

4. Ricko’s Kickin Chicken

It’s all in the name. This place’s chickens are kickin’! And its all thanks to the power couple Riko and Tiffany Wiley. Ricko’s Kickin Chicken started as a food truck back in 2014 and they opened their brick-and-mortar shop in 2017. If all of those customers supported this business to see it slowly rise are right about one thing, and it’s that this place cooks up one of the city’s best wings.

Location: 1329 Madison Memphis, TN 38104


  • Mondays to Fridays, 11 a.m.–8 p.m.
  • Saturdays, 1–8 p.m.

5. Best Wings of Memphis

This restaurant boldly claims its spot as the best place for wings in the city. “Food so great you will scrape your plate,” Best Wings of Memphis claims on their website. While we can make the same bold decree, it surely has one of the tastiest around Memphis. Are you craving four wings? Or maybe 30? They have you covered with a wide selection of flavors: hot, mild, seasoned, honey glazed, bbq, and lemon pepper.


  • 2390 Summer Ave., Memphis, Tennessee 38112
  • 3995 Elvis Presley Blvd., Memphis, Tennessee 38116

Hours: Tuesdays to Saturdays, 11 a.m.–6:45 p.m.

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