A Milestone of Black Excellence: Art Gilliam Preserves and Defines Radio Legacy

In the heart of Memphis rests a symbol of resilient black excellence – the WLOK radio station, owned since 1977 by Art Gillian. This notable station was the first black-owned radio establishment in Memphis and has been instrumental in the community for decades.

Bringing Life to WLOK

Gilliam’s impactful journey with WLOK started with a serendipitous conversation with a broker about a radio station for sale. Gilliam’s childhood memories listening to WLOK drew him to take this golden opportunity, shifting the landscape of Memphis radio history forever.

From the Back of the Bus to the Hall of Fame

Art Gilliam’s recent induction to the 2023 National Black Radio Hall of Fame epitomizes his remarkable journey. From challenging childhood adversities to becoming a beacon of hope and resilience for the Black community, Gilliam’s success-story is nothing short of awe-inspiring.

Paving way for Black Representation in Media

Gilliam’s entrepreneurial venture in the late ’70s opened up more opportunities for black representation in media, a milestone in the turbulent aftermath of the Civil Rights Movement. Today, WLOK stands as not just a radio station, but a testament to Black legacy and hope.

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