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Shea Moisture Package designed by a black designer Zenzile Sky Lar
The Art of Packaging, we have been identifying the best Black package designers since BLAC was started over 20 years ago.
Educator and author LaTanya Brooks unveils new coloring books that pay homage to the contributions of Black women.
Acrylic and oil on cavas paiting titled “Emergence I” (2019) by Amarachi Odimba. Photo courtesy of Urevbu Contemporary.
Even if Nope has a bigger budget and harder to decipher plot than Jordan Peele’s previous two films, it will still have you on the edge of your seat at attention scratching your head wondering what you missed. As I sit to write this review, I'm gazing into the clouds thinking...
JoeLius DuBois talks how he has managed to keep his artistic passions alive through the pandemic and through his long years as an artist.

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