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HBO Announced a docuseries on Shaq'd life
The life and career of NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal will be the subject of a new docuseries. HBO Sports Documentaries announced that the four-part docuseries, Shaq, will premiere on November 23. View this post on Instagram ...
"Geek Girl," New Book about Black Women in Tech
Why does the word “geek” still bring a male figure to mind? Why do men continue to outnumber women in the high-technology industry? Since 2014, a growing number of employment discrimination lawsuits have called attention to a persistent pattern of gender discrimination in the tech world. Much has been...
Top Ten Black Men to see on Broadway
Make sure to grab your tickets for the sure-to-be-incredible performances by these talented Black actors. The end of the year is a special time for Broadway. Step away from streaming for the weekend; hop on a flight to NYC and get all dressed up to take in stellar performances,...
When you’re craving ice cream, check out these Black-owned ice cream shops for your dose of cold and creamy dessert.
if you’re looking for a place to catch the biggest sporting events, check out these places for good food and drinks to enjoy the game.
Julie contraception was created in part by a black woman
Even though emergency contraception (aka the “morning-after pill”) has been available over the counter since 2006 and without an age limit since 2013, the dark cloud hovering over it remains. For years, women have reported feeling shame and embarrassment when purchasing it, averting their gaze from cashiers or even pharmacists in places where...
We’ve rounded up a list of three of the most influential Black-owned art galleries in town that you must follow and check out.
Hot Wing Competition this weekend in Memphis
The 2022 World Championship Hot Wing Contest & Festival will take place Saturday, October 22(11 a.m. – 7 p.m.) at Tiger Lane, on the grounds of the Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium in Memphis, TN. This WCHWCF will mark the 20th year of the festival, previously known as the Southern Hot Wing...
Indie Memphis Film Festival is pleased to announce some very exciting new additions to its 2022 slate. This year marks the 25th Anniversary of the Indie Memphis Film Festival, and it’s bigger than ever with these cutting edge new indies. The festival will run from October 19th through 24th...
Aftershock, a documentary about black father and maternal health care
AfterShock is a new documentary on Black Maternal Health as it investigates the maternal health crisis facing women of color in the United States. When it comes to Black Maternal Health, Black women had a threefold increased risk of maternal mortality compared to White women, per data from the...
Black Professionals to follow on Health tiktok
With today’s current trend, TikTok is not just a pure entertainment app where you could see people dancing, singing, and lip syncing, but it is also an avenue for content creators to offer educational content to viewers. And one of the most trending content now is the #Health-Tok. But...
Perfectly crisp, and flavorfully explosive. We’ve rounded up a few of the best places to get your wings fix around Memphis

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