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Masturbation a cure for pain
“You will learn to focus your mind on the things you want to focus on.”
The popularity of Sugar Daddy and Sugar Momma Relationships has always been apart of the Black community.
Oh yes we did. Experts agree a key driver of sugar baby growth in recent years is economic.
Eat Plants B**ch! Book Review
Pinky gives us fire and drive, grace and beauty and this book is just yet another way to support her success.
Raising Black Kids to Love Their Natural Hair
Black children shouldn't feel bad about their natural hair; they should feel proud and celebrate it. As parents, beginning this journey of self-love early is something they’ll carry through to adulthood confidently. 
Beyond Interior Candles
Here's a list of ten brands that BLAC believes will help to enhance your home, office, man cave or mother escape ambiance — and can be great for gifting. 
Brown Girl Jane offers these edible gelees for relief
Here are Eight Black-Owned CBD and THC Cannabis Edibles for Discreet Relief from pain and insomnia to support.
Skin Care Routines to Add this fall
One of the biggest misconceptions about Black male skin is that doesn't take any regular maintenance. While that may be true for some with blessed glowing melanin-rich skin, most men require special care and attention. Compared to women, black men tend to have thicker skin and thicker nails due...
The University of Memphis football program will honor Glenn Rogers Sr., the first Black player to integrate the team in the spring of 1968, at halftime of the team's game against Tulsa on Thursday, Nov. 10 at Simmons Bank Liberty Stadium at 6:30 p.m. Rogers integrated the Tigers team as...
Memphis trails to go hiking for healing
I've found a safe place to cry, to laugh to pray and of course, to scream. Without driving more than an hour, I had discovered the most magical places in Metro Memphis to hike.
Follow these women for motivation on your weight loss journey
These ladies will inspire you to get stronger physically and mentally. Most importantly, you won't feel like you're on the journey alone. Here at BLAC, we're here with you by compiling a list of the 5 Black women and female-led pages you should follow to kick start your weight loss journey.
State Rep Barbara Cooper passes at 93
Tennessee Representative Barbara Cooper, who served in the General Assembly for more than 25 years, has died yesterday. She was 93. House Minority Leader Karen Camper on Wednesday confirmed the death of the Memphis Democrat. “I am deeply saddened by the passing of my longtime colleague and dear friend, Barbara...
Julie contraception was created in part by a black woman
Even though emergency contraception (aka the “morning-after pill”) has been available over the counter since 2006 and without an age limit since 2013, the dark cloud hovering over it remains. For years, women have reported feeling shame and embarrassment when purchasing it, averting their gaze from cashiers or even pharmacists in places where...

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