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A new study found that depressive symptoms in Black women don’t always look the same as other groups.
If your money is funny, stress is not far behind. In fact, the American Psychological Association reports 73 percent of Americans list money issues as a top stressor. As a result, stress-related illnesses such as high blood pressure and headaches erode physical well-being.
Throughout her extraordinary career, Flack established hit-making mentorships with Donny Hathaway, Luther Vandross and Peabo Bryson.
You may not know William Bell, but you'll know his co-writes - "You Don't Miss Your Water," and "Born Under A Bad Sign," or you might know his songs which have been performed by everyone from The Byrds to Billy Idol. Garth Cartwright meets the Stax legend, now in...
3 Black-Owned Hair Products to Help Your Braids Last Longer
Remember, wearing braids isn’t a reason to let all your hair care products collect dust for six weeks. Keep on caring for those curls.
Black-Owned Meditation Apps to Help You Develop Mindfulness
Finding the right support can be a challenge. However, some apps make it easier than ever. We can have the benefits of mindful practices and therapy right at our fingertips.
In Memphis, local organizations, museums and places of faith offer ample ways to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day with family and friends with events that honor King and all he accomplished for us.
The Founders Day concert provides an opportunity to gather in accordance to reflect upon the Sorority’s founding principles, pay tribute to those 22 college-educated women who established the public service sorority 110 years ago on the campus of Howard University.
Norland James and his wife, Dr. Amina Gilyard James are the newest Black-owned Quality Inn hotel in Memphis, Tennessee.
After doing thorough research, Memphis couple Norland and Dr. Amina James learned that the hotel market in Memphis has seen of the strongest pandemic recoveries in the U.S.
The 'Memphis, Martin and the Mountain Top", story begins not with the entrance of Martin Luther King, who would arrive in March, but in January, when the tragic deaths of two black garbagemen due to old, malfunctioning equipment added to calls for change.
Aunt Clara's Pink Bunny Pajamas Cocktail
We will be making a cocktail that will reminds us of one of our crazy aunties during the new year festivities; this cocktail is entitled Aunt Clara's Pink Bunny Pajamas Cocktail.
From the Ernest Withers Collection
The Withers Collection Museum & Gallery is a unique and amazing place to explore the cultural artifacts from all over the world.

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