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It’s not enough to amplify Black voices in a fleeting way, we need to comment, subscribe, follow, and listen to Black creators across all media platforms. If your Youtube feed needs a bit of melanin, discover these Black beauty, fashion, and fitness vloggers and be sure to hit that notification bell while you’re at it—because a little digital support goes a long way.

If you’re obsessed with home organization, we wouldn’t be surprised if you follow Nikki. She loves all things dealing with home organization, interior decorating, crafts and cooking. On her channel you will find tons of tips to help you around your home.


If you need a quick and easy tutorial on cute styles for your hair Ms. Peakmill has em’. Here name is Khadijat and she’s all for anything hair, makeup, and fashion related with a sprinkle of fun and important everyday matters here and there.

Feeling creative today? Daniela Tabios has the best tutorials on how to make dresses, prom outfits, pantsuits, etc. Her name is My Daniela Tabois, a bridal Fashion Designer. She welcomes viewers to her world of fashion design and on her channel, she is documenting her journey and sharing her sewing and draping techniques along the way. Daniela believes anyone can master their craft if they want to learn and work hard.

Tabitha Brown is the greatest vegan cook out there, soothing her millions of followers with new recipes every day. Tabitha Brown is a Believer. Wife. Mom. Actress. and Vegan Foodie who shares vegan food reviews amongst other funny and inspirational things in life.

Jannelle broke the internet last year and soared to internet fame showing off her daily life while living out of her 1995 GMC Vandura Explorer with her pet snake, Alfredo. If you’re into #vanlife, she’s definitely someone you should be paying attention to.

If vegan food and fitness is your thing, subscribe to Toni Mitchell right now.

Follow Karen BritChick for incredible street style videos and styling hacks.

Interested in fun makeup ideas? Ellarie has all the makeup tutorials you’ll ever need!

With nearly three million followers, Patricia Bright is a must-follow for hilarious fashion hauls and beauty reviews. Her near-constant positive vibes will make you want to subscribe over and over.

Aysha does five things all on one channel: Vlogs, hijab & makeup tutorials, cooking, etc.

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