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2023’s Black Beauty Pioneers: Meet the Glossier Grantees

Fashioning a New Beauty Narrative: Spotlight on 2023 Glossier Grantees, Black entrepreneurs revolutionizing the beauty niche.d

Soulful Wines for a NewGeneration — Michael Lavelle’s Vision

Time for a toast to Black wine revolution🍷. Explore the taste of ancestry with Michael Lavelle's Iris Collection! #ToastToCulture

Fior Scotch, A Taste of Scotland Crafted by a Black-Owned Business

Sip the flavor of Black excellence with Fior Scotch—crafted with tradition, enjoyed by our beautiful community. 🥃✊🏾

Your Monthly Horoscope: August 2023

The BLAC August 2023 horoscope is here, and it’s time to take a look at what lies ahead for you.

Gigi Dia: Triumphantly Defying the Norm in Film & Beauty

Revel in Gigi Dia's triumph as an actress & beauty icon, pushing boundaries, and empowering diversity! ??✨

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