Cathy Solivar

Five Black Women To Follow As You Start Your Weight Loss Journey

These ladies will inspire you to get stronger physically and mentally. Most importantly, you won't feel like you're on the journey alone. Here at BLAC, we're here with you by compiling a list of the 5 Black women and female-led pages you should follow to kick start your weight loss journey.

‘Black Wombs Matter’ New Documentary on Black Maternal Health, Now on Hulu

AfterShock is a new documentary on Black Maternal Health as it investigates the maternal health crisis facing women of color in the United States. When it comes to Black...

What is Health-Tok And Which Black Medical Pros Should You Follow?

With today’s current trend, TikTok is not just a pure entertainment app where you could see people dancing, singing, and lip syncing, but it is also an avenue for...

Are Black Families Ready For “Gentle Parenting?”

With the generational trauma being largely recognized in Black communities, conversation about a form of parenting called "gentle parenting" is starting to take place by parents in Black households. But...

Four Memphis Health Facilities Offering Free or Low-Cost Mammograms This Month

Oct. 18 is The National Mammography Day. To celebrate, here are five places to get and schedule your free and low-cost mammogram.

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