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From classic tailoring to streetwear, these 20 Black male fashion influencers are redefining the industry by showcasing their unique styles for the world to see. Black male fashion influencers are making an impact in the industry by redefining what it means to be stylish as well as helping others learn how to dress for their body type. They’re also making a name for themselves as they help influence the next generation of fashion enthusiasts. Here are the 20 Black male fashion to add to hit the follow button for. Each name and image links to their profile.

Ooreofe Oluwadara – @oreofay

Ooreofe Oluwadara redefines black excellence with his refined tailoring and preppy-inspired outfits.

Greg Ntore – @gregntore

As a personal stylist at SSENSE, Greg Ntore knows best. His online community looks to him for advice through each passing season.

Ndjoli Jean – @ndjolijean

From picturesque beaches to art museums, Ndjoli Jean creates aesthetically pleasing fashion content by using interesting backdrops.


Johnson Gold – @johnson_gold

Johnson Gold always gets the memo. A frequent attendee at fashion shows, he knows how to dress for the occasion in eye-catching prints, colors, and patterns that all complement each other.

Wisdom Kaye – @wisdm

The F in fashion stands for fun according to Wisdom Kaye. The part-time model isn’t afraid to experiment with his outfits.

Chris Kabeya – @iamchriskabeya

Timeless, classic outfits are Chris Kabeya’s go-to. From two-piece suits to clean-cut overcoats with Chelsea boots, he captures sophistication.

Mubi – @mubiix

For streetwear enthusiasts, Mubi will show you how it’s done in oversized T-shirts, shiny puffers, and clean varsity jackets.

Jevon Henley – @blvckhoodieee

Sometimes, capturing effortless style isn’t so effortless. But that’s not the case for Jevon Henley, who styles everything from relaxed cardigans, baggy trousers to cool accessories.

Simon NNdjock – @simonnndjock

Colour is used as a form of expression for Simon, who uses it intelligently to offset against muted tones.

Ev Bravado – @murderbravado

After launching his label alongside his wife in 2021, the designer has been known to sport fashion-forward jeans and varsity jackets as well as outfitting the hottest celebrities in the game.

Franck Demaga – @franck_demaga

As time and trends move forward, tailoring will always be an important component in a man’s wardrobe as shown by Franck Demaga.

Bloody Osiris – @bloodyosiris

Virgil Abloh’s protégé uses fashion as an artistic expression. From Rick Owens to Balenciaga, the New York-native isn’t afraid to go outside of his comfort zone.

Been Slackin – @beenslackin

Ever looked at a clothing item and wondered how to wear it? Well, Lil Uzi Vert’s stylist does just that. Hailing from Ethiopia, the New York-native stands out from the crowd with his unique fashion taste.

Jadon Grundy – @jadongrundy

Being fashionable shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg as Jadon Grundy proves. He’s always on the hunt for bargains in thrift stores and shows us how to save money with affordable designer alternatives.

Shannon – @shannonxvii

This carefully curated feed by Shannon aims to inspire those looking to lead an aspirational lifestyle in traveling, fashion, and gastronomy.

Drew Joiner – @drewjoiner_

Making weekly videos on YouTube and TikTok, Drew Joiner will educate and inspire you on how to piece together your best outfit yet.

Paul Binam – @paulbinam

We’re given a glimpse into city style as Paul Binam shows us his musings in the streets of Paris and the comfort of his home.

King Creg – @kingcregx

King Creg makes it look easy to balance traditional tailoring and African garb.

Cory Hodge – @intheworldiknow

Cory Hodge shows appreciation for his cultural roots with African-inspired clothing and patterns.

Steven Onoja – @stevenonoja

Driven by the idea of classic style, Steven uses his Instagram feed as a platform to tell a visual story through clean, sophisticated tailoring. 

These 20 men are pushing the boundaries for what it means to be stylish, and in doing so, are paving the way for future men’s fashion. The world is catching onto their creativity, and there’s no telling what kind of an impact they will continue to make in the world of style.

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