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Body Complete Rx (BCRX), founded by Samia Gore in 2017, was the result of an ambitious woman who wanted to better herself physically and mentally. After watching many of her family members pass away from health-related illnesses, Gore knew she needed to find a simple and complete solution for herself and for others who were in the same place. What was once a weight management company was then turned into a multi-million dollar brand focused on overall holistic health and wellness by women, for women. However, being an African American woman in a male-dominated industry wasn’t easy for Gore. Though there were challenges, Gore said that they only empowered her to become a better entrepreneur. “Owning a business is a journey, and you have to stay on for the ride,” says Gore.

Gore has broken many grounds in the supplement industry. Not only has she shattered the status quo in a white, male-dominated industry, but she has founded the first Black female-owned wellness brand to launch at The Vitamin Shoppe in their weight management category. Since August 1st of 2021, Body Complete RX has been available for purchase at The Vitamin Shoppe in 700 of their retail stores across the country. Credited as helping thousands of customers worldwide, BCRX offers simple, complete solutions for health and beauty. A few products include Control Appetite Suppressant Capsules, Renew Energy Drops, Boost Metabolism Drops, and Nourish Protein.

Gore recognized that women need products made by other women. “When making formulas for nutritional supplements, the person creating the formula should understand the make of the person that’s using them,” says Gore. BCRX is unique in the intentionality of their products and the process in which the products are formulated, making them different then its competitors. The lifestyle brand specifically made for Black women offers a wide range of vegan, plant-based supplements to assist customers in discovering their best selves.

Gore sees the future of Body Complete Rx developing into a global brand for health and wellness, primarily meant for women of color. With this goal, Body Complete Rx is well on its way. Gore says “We are making our products accessible nationwide and they support women on their journey to health, which is how we play a part in helping women grow and better themselves.”


Body Complete Rx is available online at and at The Vitamin Shoppe (select stores).  


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