When you come across any of our Artist of the Week’s paintings, you may feel like you’re immersed in a cosmic dream. And, you’d be pretty on the money. Many of Cristle Sims’ visuals are inspired by her dreams. Her use of purple, green and yellow contrast perfectly with the deep background, giving her work a vibrant, neon appeal.

Born in Memphis but raised in L.A., Sims started her creative journey at the young age of eight. In college, she perfected her talents to what you see in local galleries, universities and retailers today. Her work makes being Black feel fantastical — as if our collective selves descended from the heavens to bless the earth with our presence. Sims, who goes by the fitting moniker Ultraviolet Queen, hopes to one day create an inspiring mural that would help beautify Memphis neighborhoods.

Being a multifaceted individual, Sims also models. In front of the camera, she’s as stunning as any of her vibrant creations. Her on-camera presence and command of the environment work in both photographs and video. People are definitely noticing her skills as she has taken on quite a few projects which include appearing in Tyke T’s “Mood” music video, a commercial for Shops of Saddle Creek, and a Pose 901 campaign.

You can show your support and explore more of Sim’s artistry by visiting her Instagram page, @ultravioletj.

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