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Torri Shaaron is a multifaceted woman and visual artist who deems herself a creator of many sorts. Clever in spirit and poignant with stencil and brush, Shaaron has crafted and commissioned prolific artwork since 2009. Her varied portfolio consists of profound portraits and scenes reflective of Black culture, ethos,...
This week’s Artist of the Week is Memphis photographer, Catherine Elizabeth Patton. Her vibrant portraits portray a duality of strength and gentleness within individuals of color. Her works have been displayed and celebrated at The Gallery at The Greater Memphis Chamber. Patton has also worked with The Collective and Unapologetic...
His signature style uses bold contrasting colors against shades of gray which gives each painting life. Though he’s only been putting paint to paper for a few years, he’s quickly grown as a prominent creator. The Memphis artist, aptly called Cam the Artist, does more than just canvas paintings. As...
Comic book creator, Martheus Wade, brings a breath of fresh air to the world of graphic novels. Alongside his wife, Janet Wade, they use his martial arts background to tell relatable, fantastical stories. His art shines a light on diversity by putting an array of different characters at the...

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