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Kanye West received backlash after he wore a shirt printed with “White Lives Matter” and said: “Black Lives Matter was a scam.”
Statistics show that six percent (4.8 million) of Black and African American people reported having suffered from a mental illness. Yet, only one in three Black Americans who could benefit from mental health treatment receives it — leaving nearly 55% of Black and African American adults with serious mental...
Winter is quickly approaching. Days will soon become shorter. Skies will turn bleak. And the brisk fall air will bluster into icy winds.  As the season shifts so can our mood. We spoke to an expert about seasonal affective disorder, most commonly referred to as seasonal depression, and how to...
Memphis Honors Young Dolph’s Legacy with Grand Memorial Before his life tragically ended - Adolph Thornton Jr. was a proud Memphis rapper who spent his time selflessly helping the community he loved so much. Nearly a month after his death - fans, friends, family, and supporters poured into seats at...
Unfortunately, the America we live in and our judicial system continuously are finding white men innocent for crimes, we know Black men and women, wouldn’t even see a day in court for.  In case you missed it, the jury has found Kyle Rittenhouse, not guilty on all counts. During a...

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