Don’t worry burger lovers, the Memphis food scene has plenty more to offer than just Bar-B-Que and wings. Whether it’s a hole-in-the-wall establishment with no website or social media, or the new trendiest eatery downtown or a good-for-you vegan burger, no matter where you are in Memphis proper, chances are you aren’t far from a great burger.

In no particular order, here are the best burgers in Memphis.


There should be a LOT more talk about Lot-a-Burger because this unassuming spot on South Third is cranking out some amazing food! We stopped by and ordered at the window, though there’s also a drive through. Owner Cosa Thomas makes everything to order, so it takes about ten minutes to get everything bagged up nice and hot. Their double cheeseburger, fries, and strawberry milkshake were perfection.

2260 S. Third

Holy sandwich—go check out the grilled shrimp po’boy from Phoenix Southern Grill. They are the local experts on grilled Southern food. Their menu boasts all of the grilled goodies you can imagine, including wings, catfish, Angus burgers, turkey burgers, and smoked sausage. They even have a veggie burger. Don’t skip the fries!

Talbert Fleming’s menu honors his grandmother’s recipes and changes often. There are the staples like big-mouth hamburgers or double cheeseburgers.

841 Bullington Street

We stopped in for a vegan feast consisting of agave gold “vings,” a cheeseburger & fries, fried Buffalo cauliflower (they definitely brought the heat!), and Mexican street corn. Everything was so freaking good it really did make us wonder if we could live the plant based life. Owner Ralph Johnson (better known as RJ Groove) says, “I’ve always enjoyed vegan options, but decided to go fully vegan 14 months ago. I think opening a restaurant is a great way to introduce healthier food options that taste familiar to our community.”

669 South Highland Street

This deliciousness is brought to you by The Kitchen—”Home of the Big Buddy Burger.” The food and service are incredible. Their website says they “cook your food with love,” and we honestly could taste it!

1420 Jackson Avenue

Tailors’ Union is a downtown speakeasy. From the outside it looks like a tailor’s shop, but that’s just a front for the elegant two-story bar behind the doors.The ground floor features a huge bar, booths, and lounge seating. There are strong tailor-themed cocktails (The Half Slip, High & Tight, In Stitches, and Lost Stiletto) and delicious eats like wagyu sliders, duck tacos, crab cakes and Parmesan truffle fries. Downstairs is The Pocket, and it’s members only with an annual fee. It has a dark, cozy bar, a cigar lounge, and, on Fridays, live music.

115 Union Avenue

Sage’s concept is “fusion soul,” and the menu changes with the seasons. They offer a daily special and popular menu items such as soul egg rolls, fried green tomatoes with kimchi, salmon sliders, Beyond Burger sliders, and desserts like  the sweet potato egg roll. Evenings are a little more upscale with a lounge vibe, where the late-night menu and bar offerings become the highlight.

94 South Main Street

Get on the (school) bus to Lunchbox Eats for an A+ lunch. We love their commitment to the theme—from the menus to the chairs, everything is looking to school you. However, unlike most school cafeterias, chef/owner Kaia Brewer has made sure everything on the menu is honor-roll worthy. Sandwiches, salads, chicken tenders, mac-n-cheese, lemonade of the day and home-cooked cakes are just a few of the offerings.

288 South Fourth Street

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