Barbershops have been our cornerstone of the Black community; a place to socialize and communicate trends and discuss opinions on current events. Similar to nail techs and hairdressers, talking to your barber can seem like a therapy session.

That’s why BLAC recognized these seven unique Black-owned barbershops in Memphis, where you can feel welcomed and at home— and of course, get cleaned up or a masterful sharp cut.

3Memphis Professional Barbers Inc., 2032 Sycamore View Rd #103

At Memphis Professional Barbers Inc, we are focused on providing exceptional services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction – we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

With a variety of offerings to choose from, we’re sure you’ll be happy choosing us for your new personal grooming location. 

4XClusive House of Kutz, 3610 Park Ave

Owned by Derick Tolliver, whatever your needs may be, get in touch with XClusive for more details about our products and services. They also offer children’s haircuts.

5The Barber Pros, 5495 Winchester Rd Suit 2

D’eldrick’s mission is to provide the highest quality of professional grooming services that meets the needs of his clients. He received his barber’s license from Ebonii Barber College in Memphis, TN. and have been blessed to be a full time barber for 19 years. Attending seminars and classes have provided continuous growth in his skills and knowledge of the business. He provides a professional atmosphere, where he encourage growth, and enllightement  for his clients.

Collins Barber & Style Shop

6Master Kutz Memphis, 5115 Yale Road

With a combined total of 50 years experience at Master Cutz, barbers do their best to create a friendly environment suitable for the entire family. They pride ourselves on their professionalism and understand that consistency and reliabllity are not a choice but a duty to clients.

7Thronelife Studio

Welcome to Throne Life Studio
This is more than just a collection of suites but a home and sanctuary for creatives/artists be it Stylist , Barbers , M.U.A’s, and estheticians looking to elevate their craft and vibrate on a higher frequency within the comfort of your own studio suite amongst other like minds on the same wavelength.

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