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Memphis’ Hattiloo Theatre announced that the new school and tuition-free education program will likely start by the end of 2023.
Vector art depicting musicians playing the keyboard, and trumpet. Photo courtesy of Anthony Krikorian.
The blues radio show “Beale Street Caravan” is getting its first African American executive director, Thomas O. Crivens, Jr.
Even if Nope has a bigger budget and harder to decipher plot than Jordan Peele’s previous two films, it will still have you on the edge of your seat at attention scratching your head wondering what you missed. As I sit to write this review, I'm gazing into the clouds thinking...
Let's go
This week's theme “here we go again,” can connote that we’re up to the same thing on a different day but that’s actually not the case. When we say “here we go again,” what we’re actually saying is; “keep doing what you’re doing.” There are situations that can make...
Here are three of the chefs who will convince you to book your tickets for the Memphis Food and Wine Festival.
The oldest and largest association of lawyers and judges, the National Bar Association, is bringing their 97th annual convention to Memphis.
Tennessee House Minority Leader Karen Camper announced that July 16 has been enshrined as a state holiday dedicated to Ida B. Wells.
JoeLius DuBois talks how he has managed to keep his artistic passions alive through the pandemic and through his long years as an artist.
President Biden named seventeen recipients of the 2022 Presidential Medal of Freedom including Denzel Washington, Sandra Lindsay and Diane Nash.
Classical reggae began with roots from Jamaica and quickly grew into an international movement brimming over with messages about unity and upliftment.
ESPN announced the nominees for the annual ESPYS yesterday. Stephen Curry, Candace Parker and Allyson Felix are some of the top names among the nominees.
The chief of police in Farmington Hills, Michigan who admitted that his department used targets of Black male images at their shooting range is admitting to the act and asking the public for forgiveness. Targets were discovered by a Boy Scouts troop on a tour of the Farmington Hills police...

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