3 Chefs to Look Out for at Memphis Food and Wine Festival

The finest gelato, ribs, and French cuisine — are you convinced, yet?

Chef Hugh Baltrop’s gelato. Photo courtesy of the Memphis Food and Wine Festival.

October 15 will be a gathering of the most exquisite culinary artists and brands for the Memphis Food and Wine Festival at the Radians Amphitheatre. The festival is bringing together the best chefs from around the city and the country, and festival-goers will be in for the best culinary ride their taste buds might ever get to experience. Here are three of the chefs who will convince you to book your tickets well in advance.

Chef Hugh Balthrop

Sweet Magnolias Gelatos
Oxford, Mississippi

Chef Hugh Baltrop. Photo courtesy of the James Beard Foundation.

Sweet Magnolia Gelato was created with a dream of creating healthier, and more natural ice cream for his own family. Hugh Baltrop moved to Mississippi after having kids with his wife, Erica, to pursue his culinary dreams. From there, this uniquely southern brand has served up mouthwatering gelato — and its ice cream, and sorbet cousins. Who wouldn’t drool over “Strawberry Champagne,” “Honey Vanilla,” and “Brown Sugar & Bourbon” ? And those are just their recent creations. Year round, they change up their flavor offerings according to what’s in season, and they boast to have created over 300 different flavors and recipes. Balthrop’s brand is also committed to sustainability and cruelty-free farming. “We use natural ingredients from farmers (and cows!) we know by name, because quality regional flavors make us happy and make your ice cream better,” their website boasts. Make sure to get a taste of his creations at the Memphis Food and Wine Festival.

Chef Robert Cox

The Rendezvous
Memphis, Tennessee

Chef Robert Cox. Photo courtesy of The Rendezvous.

The Rendezvous is known as the birthplace of the juicy, and flavorful Memphis-style, dry-rubbed ribs and has been continuously offered, cooked, and refined at this restaurant. With a staff of over 40, Robert Cox is perhaps the most versatile of all the team members. He’s a busser; he’s a cook. He washes dishes; he preps the ingredients. He tracks inventory, and he waits on tables. He’s a chameleon with many hats, and responsibilities. And on October, he’ll be cooking up some of best and finest food Memphis can offer.


Chef Lewis Mable

River Oaks
Memphis, Tennessee

Chef Lewis Mable. Photo courtesy of Lewis Mable.

Juggling his celebrity career and duties in the in kitchen, Lewis Mable is staple in the show “M-Town Chowdown” by Memphis Centric. Of course, his chef de cuisine duties at the River Oaks Country Club comes first. The kitchen where Mable makes your taste buds waltz with happiness is known for its French influences. With a focus on crafting dishes with only the freshest local ingredients, the day’s harvest and in-season ingredients are always on the table. Get surprised with what this chef will conjure during the Memphis Food and Wine Festival.

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