Edible Memphis Releases Its Annual Black-Owned Food Guide

The annual food guide highlights some of the must-try Black-owned food and places

Cover for Edible Memphis’ 2022 Black-owned businesses issue.

Combining one concise book that includes bartenders, sample subscriptions and women specific eateries; Edible Memphis’ Black-owned food guide just released its annual curated collection of local food establishments and professionals. The magazine publishes this annual issue that highlights the richness of the city’s Black local cuisine. Such highlights include the City Tasting Box, the signature cocktail “The Beginner” from Sage, and the perfect disco spot, Paula & Raiford’s Disco.

Find the best Black-owned food and places in Memphis.

This year’s issue is filled with beautiful photographs that attempts to capture the essence of the city. Expect a profile on several notable bartenders elevating the city’s cocktail game, 16 of the hottest spots for your next girls’ night out, and an insider scoop on at least 11 more homegrown brands.

1City Tasting Box

Edible Memphis describes this subscription box as a little box with big impact. “City Tasting Box is more than just a box of tasty treats. It’s a snapshot of Memphis food that allows purchasers to taste the grit-and-grind culture of the Bluff City,” Erica Horton, the writer who profiled the business, wrote. “Filled with everything from cookies and popcorn to spices and sauces, the box teases a local experience.” Getting a box is getting a specially curated set of locally made snacks. It’s the perfect way of supporting Black businesses in the city while keeping your cravings filled.

2The Bartender Guide

Vibe and craft were Edible Memphis’ criteria when they curated a list of their bartender guide this year. Number one on the list is Tyronica “Ty” Maben of Sage. Patricia Lockhart, the list’s curator, recommends you try her signature cocktail named “The Beginner.” “Tyronica “Ty” Maben is energetic and positive and has a smile that lights up a room. She has been bartending for nine years—and her love for her career shows,” Lockhart describes the mixologist.

3Perfect Girls’ Night Out Spots

Getting the perfect vibe is crucial for any girls’ night. Are we thinking casual conversations or a full-on disco party? Camille Patrice Fulton, your local nightlife guide, has every vibe on her list. “I love to hop around from place to place—a queen can never sit still for too long,” Fulton writes. “I’ve found new-to-me places that guarantee that great experience—and I want to share them with you.”

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