Did you know that the brand founded to to honor the man who taught Jack Daniels himself to make whiskey is Black owned? That would be enough to sell their contributions on its own, but it helps that their latest spirits creation sounds delicious just from the name. 

This past weekend, Shelbyville-based Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey released a limited run of their new craft beer variety, a Caribbean-style stout that they named “Queen’s Legacy.” The name pays homage to not only Victoria Eady Butler, Uncle Nearest’s Master Blender and the great-great-granddaughter of Nearest Green, but also to all Black matriarchs that have made a positive impact in their family’s lives.

“This collaboration is the first time in history where two black owned adult beverage brands – Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey and Turner Häus Brewery – have partnered together to produce a product of this magnitude,” said Steve Turner, Co-founder of Turner Häus Brewery.

“Joined by Tennessee Brew Works, we collectively came together to create something uniquely historic for the industry. From the grain build, the barrels used and even the graphic on the label: it all showcases the advancements and successes of people of color in the craft beer and spirits industries.”

“Queen’s Legacy” only uses ingredients indigenous to the African continent, including South African hops and coffee beans as well as malted millet, the main grain used to produce alcohol in Africa. The stout is aged in Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey barrels and crafted by Tennessee Brew Works’ Head Brewer Matt Simpson, alongside fellow Black-owned brand Turner Häus Brewery’s Jason James, head brewing consultant. 


The result, thanks to the addition of flavors from Uncle Nearest barrels such as vanilla, oak, almond spice and caramel, is a slightly sweet, balanced dry beer with notes of fruit and fire-roasted honey. 

“We are honored to once again partner with Turner Häus Brewery and now our neighbor, Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey. OkTurnerFest celebrates the power of collaboration, diversity, and unification. We can’t wait for our guests to try Queen’s Legacy and enjoy a truly unique hand-crafted beer, touched by the essence of Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey,” said Christian Spears, Founder and President of Tennessee Brew Works.

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