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After holidays filled with frontals and sew-ins we’ve entered a good silk press and protective style season. And although humidity may be gone for a while, replaced by dry frigid air, your strands are still subject to environmental damage and stressors from the cold. While I, too, am obsessed with blowouts, it may be time to give our hair a rest with a winter protective style. 

Protective styles aren’t just limited to the natural community. They’re a way to keep your hair healthy without constant manipulation from brushes, water, or daily products, saving you a lot of time and maintenance. During winter hair is subject to being dryer than usual, which brings split ends, static from hats and scarves, and even hair loss. With hairstyles like braids, twists, and locs your tresses are safely tucked away, protected by faux hair. There are numerous ways to style it under the central umbrella, such as passion twists, knotless braids, butterfly locs, and crochet strands, all in various lengths and thicknesses. 

We’ve put together our favorite looks to make it easy to show your stylist. 

2Wet Set and Go

Message @stephie.oliva from Hondureña

3Temporary Color

@hairbyrelle in Capitol Heights, Md.

7Trimmed Afro

@violadavis in Los Angeles, Calif.

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