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Black women are no stranger to business ownership. Black women create new business ideas every day. Starting and maintaining a thriving business can be demanding on anyone, but black women are often met with their own set of exclusive challenges. Things like push back from building owners, bais with banks, lack of mentorship and network opportunities. Harvard Business Review shared in an article that 17 % of black women are in the process of starting or running a new business compared to the 10 % of white women and 15 % of white men. With those figures you’d think black women would be on their way to being the leading entrepreneur in the United States but out of those percentages only 3 % of black women are running mature businesses. Although black women are working hard to change those numbers, we wanted to give out flowers to 10 black women owned businesses doing their part to create a legacy of wealth for future generations to come.



Form Beauty

Form Beauty is focused on you. They strive to cater to all of the health needs your hair may have. The prestige hair care collection is perfect for all hair textures. They offer a FORM beauty consultation to create an original regime for your hair care desires.

Coily Queenz

Coily Queenz the curly clip ons you have been waiting for. Sometimes a girl wants extra drama, extra volume, extra length onto her coily mane and this beautifully textured hair is the answer. They offer a variety of curl textures to match your hair to perfection. Use them for clip ins or sew it in for a protective style.



Gymnetic Fitness

Gymnetic Fitness is a private fitness studio founded by mother-and-daughter fitness duo, Ellen and Lana Ector. The dynamic team offers personalized nutritional advice, customized weight loss programs and a work-out routine that is catered to each individual body. Offering over 30 years of experience the two welcome women and men of all fitness levels.

Mary and Main

Looking to make their mark in the cannabis industry Mary and Main have dedicated their careers to providing high quality medical cannabis to those suffering with chronic debilitating illness. Using social action, philanthropy and cannabis education the team is working to create change in the industry and let the world know that black women belong in cannabis. 


Kenna L Williams

Travel consultant and planner Kenna L Williams spends her time creating exotic and memorable trips for black women. Williams creates timeless experiences and shows black women parts of the world they have never seen before. She plans huge trips to places like Dubai, South Africa, Fiji and more.

Fat Girls Traveling

Fat Girls Traveling is fat activism through a traveling lens. Founded by California girl Annette, the advocate for body positivity and self proclaimed Fat Girl creates a space for plus sized women to feel comfortable traveling. After experiencing over 19 countries she built a platform to represent the others who looked like her and also wanted to travel.


City Tasting Box

The City Tasting Box is a curated collection of Mephis’s finest culinary cuisine. Each box is filled with local black owned brands, and features brands like Flying Sobie’s Memphis Gold sauce, Mae’s Gourmet Jam, Cxffeeblack Guji Mane Ethiopian coffee, Elle Elixir’s custom tea blend and more!

The Busy Bee

Founded in 1947 by Lucy Jackson, a self-taught chef opened her own restaurant business in Atlanta, Georgia. With timeless recipes and our favorite soul food favorites like ribs, cube steak, meatloaf, pork chops, chicken and more. This food is sure to send your taste buds on a whirlwind.


Black Art Library

What started as a collection of black written books from the Detroit native Asmaa Walton has turned into the black art library. The books come from all over, new, used, the internet, and donations. The collections span from children books, biographies, fiction and nonfiction.  You can find the collection on instagram or at one of the many pop ups they have around the city of Detroit.

Candidly Speaking

Candidly Speaking is the Hallmark for black people. When scrolling down the hallways of our favorite pharmacy or the dollar store for a card we don’t see cards that reflect us. Black people are often celebrating a birthday or an anniversary. Or what about fathers day and mothers day, or just a simple thinking of you card? If you want a card that reflects you and your family, Candidly Speaking is for you.

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