Maria Amelia Park, also known as Maria Vu or Maria Leamon, is a talented voice actress, writer, producer and content creator. She’s lent her voice to many projects in the entertainment industry — including video games and animated TV series. In an industry that’s highly competitive with little diversity, Park carved a path for herself to achieve success. She’s worked with a wide range of notable production studios — like FUNimation, ADV Films and Studio Center. You may have even heard her voice.

Born in Germany of a Scottish mother and Nigerian American father, Park moved to the states as a young child. At the age of five, she found herself in Memphis where she attended Overton High School of Performing Arts and completed her B.A. in Film from the University of Memphis. From there, she’s written and offered her voice to narrations, documentaries, commercials and a lot more. 

As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, Park uses her wide range of skills to champion LGBTQ+ rights in the United States. She also speaks out on issues impacting the biracial population.

Her main YouTube channel, Approach The Nerd, breaks down topics popular in nerd culture and takes a critical look at popular nerd media. In addition to voice acting and managing several YouTube channels, she’s working on a passion project called Warriors of Serit — an animated webcomic based on a fantasy narrative. 


If you’re curious about her content or causes, check out Park’s YouTube channel and get more information from her website

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