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Invisible Boy released In September
Inspired by Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man the same way Ta-Nehisi Coates’s Between the World and Me was inspired by James Baldwin, Harrison Mooney’s debut memoir will captivate readers with his powerful gift for storytelling, his keen eye for insight and observation, and his wry sense of humor. Invisible: A Memoir of Self Discovery...
Republican lawmakers in nearly every state in America have proposed legislation aimed at removing critical race theory from classrooms. However, these bills are usually focused on erasing authentic American history and are intended to not make white people “feel bad,” about the legacy of enslavement and systemic injustice in...
It can (and has) been said that some of the best stories mirror reality in a way that helps us reflect back on our own lives. This is the goal Detroit-based author Tracie E. Christian had in mind with her latest novel “Murder on the Yard – The Black...

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