Artist Jerry Lynn Paints the Soul and Emotions Of Black People

The Memphis-born artist’s work reveals the humanity of his subjects through his unique style dabbed with impressionist and abstract expressionist influences.

A recent paintings shared by Jerry Lynn with BLAC.

Memphis-born Jerry Lynn rose in the art scene through his unique collaborations with his identical twin, Terry Lynn. While they are entwined in the imagination of the art world, both have their own unique identities and body of work.

Memphis-born artists Jerry Lynn

As an individual, Jerry Lynn’s work has involved immortalizing Black figures of past and present with a dab of impressionist and abstract expressionist influences. Putting Black subjects at the center of a painting has been one of the common themes his work shares with other artists. “There are so many talented artists producing some amazing art,” he told BLAC. “I love the art of Hebru Brantley, Henry Taylor, and Wenghechi Mutu to name a few.” Hebru Brantley creates comic-book-like characters in a pop-art-influenced style while Henry Taylor creates flat worlds partly resembling Van Gogh’s distorted perspectives. Wenghechi Mutu distorts and twists the anatomy of her subjects. Meanwhile, Jerry Lynn captures the character, life and legacy of his subjects through an emotive, expressionist background and blending in scenes and objects, sometimes barely visible, throughout the canvas.

A recent paintings shared by Jerry Lynn with BLAC.

Jerry and Terry have collectively been known under the pseudonym “Twin.” Their work has been part of the U.S. State Department’s “Art in Embassies” mission — a foreign affairs program where the agency forges diplomatic relationships through international exhibits and cross-cultural dialogues. “Identical twins Jerry and Terry Lynn have been painting together collaboratively since they were old enough to hold a crayon,” the State Department describes their work. “Now the distinctive characteristics of two personalities are interwoven in paintings that appear to be the work of a single artist. Their decision to sign their paintings with the singular “Twin” speaks to the intimacy of their collaboration.” Their work “Heaven’s Journey” has been featured in one of the many diplomatic art missions of the government. 

“When I’m not creating art I’m researching new art techniques and ideas for future projects. I also spend lots of time enjoying my wife and family,” Jerry Lynn said. Recently, the artist has created a series of paintings depicting the bright potential dying to burst forth from Black kids through education. He’s also working on some new works he’s excited to share with the world. “I’m really excited about the new body of work I’m creating in preparation for a solo show,” Jerry said. When the time for the reveal comes, his work will be exhibited at the Zucot Gallery at 100 Centennial Olympic Park Drive, Atlanta.

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