Originally born in D.C., independent soul singer, Talibah Safiya was raised in Memphis and considers the city home. Immersed in a variety of musical genres as a child, a major influence in her life was her father who worked at local radio station 103.5FM. From a young age, her prowess as a singer continued to flourish.

Talibah’s lyricism is truly inspiring, creating vivid, captivating stories that connect you directly to each experience. Her vocals, combined with instrumentals, blanket the audience with the warmth of soulful, earthy tones. Her career has been on an upward projection since 2011. In 2019, she travelled the U.S. on her first tour “A Deep Water Sound”. She was celebrated in 2020’s Oxford American Music issue in an article titled “The Oracle of Castalia”. Some of her many accomplishments also include performing for – Sundance, The Kennedy Center’s Arts Across America, Mempho, and Americana Fest.

You can hear her renowned single “Healing Creek” across multiple streaming platforms and see why Spotify voted it as one of the best blues songs of 2020. She also released “Animal Kingdom” – a single she regards as “a community and wealth building anthem.” This single made it on Spotify’s “Best Jazz Songs of 2021” playlist.

Talibah is not just a soul singer, but also an entrepreneur – designing and hand making jewelry, selling up-thrifted clothing, and creating holistic products. To discover more about her music, journey, and purpose, visit her website talibahsafiya.com. You can also view her work on Instagram @talibah.safiya.


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