BLAC Happy Hour Classics: The Best Whiskey Sour Recipe With Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey

BLAC Happy Hour Classics: The Whiskey Sour
BLAC Happy Hour Classics: The Whiskey Sour

This article was originally published on BLAC Detroit.

The whiskey sour is one of the best classic cocktails because it’s easy to make, and the recipe is the base for the entire family of sour drinks. There are also a variety of adjustments you can make to ensure it suits your taste perfectly. As the name suggests, this cocktail is sour. The flavor is balanced and complemented by the sweetness of the whiskey and simple syrup, so it’s not too tart. Try it with the ratio suggested in the recipe, give it a taste, and then adjust your next drink as needed.

BLAC added Uncle Nearest premium whiskey, one of the most awarded whiskey’s in America in honor of the world’s first-known African American master distiller, Nearest Green, to the recipe for a little extra soul.

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